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deco bond 02


INSTALLATION GUIDELINES : Any uneven or rough sections of the substrate must be eliminated with the application of a levelling compound. The substrate must be solid,smooth, clean, dry and free from any deleterious materials such as oils, waxes, dust and other contaminants e.g. Old paint, coatings and adhesives. The floor covering should be inspected prior to installation. It must be free of oil, dust or other loose or flaking surface contaminants.

CAUTION : Do not apply at temperatures below +5℃. The product is for use in interiors. Keep out of reach of children. Ensure good ventilation during and after application and drying. Avoid eating, drinking or smoking while processing this product. In case of contact with eyes or skin rinse immediately with water. Do not allow product to reach sewage system or any water course. Do not allow to penetrate the ground/soil. Clean tools with soap and water immediately after use. Only property emptied containers maybe recycled. Dried product residues can be disposed of as normal household waste.
For further information see the technical Data Sheet. Safety data sheet available on request.






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